Monday, July 13, 2009

It been awhile!

Hey! Where have you been? I would have posted at least 5 posts while you were gone, but Noooo, you left some where so I decided I would wait until you were back to write again. But your back so I guess I will write again...

First off, an update on the HCG diet. I lost a total of around 25 pounds on the diet and now I'm finishing up the maintance part. I am happy with the wieght I lost even though I still could lose another 10 or so comfortably.

Life focus has now changed. This summer so far was diet, diet, diet...with some chick raising and some yard work.

Diet is about done, now it is SCHOOL for at least a week, then vacation, YAAAAA!, and then it is back to yard for a bit before school begins in full force for the fall. Both Lena and I have some major papers to write this week before we leave on vacation. Not fun, but I think we will manage. When we get back, I have to really focus on school and the future and get some of the little things I've procrastinated done. I did a little today, which turned out great. In fact I will share...

This fall my plan was to take 2 prereqs for Nursing, Biology 100 and chemistry 130. Then in the spring I was going to take Bio 201 and other classes. The advisor I talked with today said then when you apply (early spring) for the nursing program they like to see a grade for bio 201 completed. (hmmm, this isn't good...) But then she said she would override the requirement to take Bio 100 and let me take bio 201 this fall! Yea!!! One less class I have to take! Saves me time and money and also gets me in a better position to get into the nursing program.

Well, I just thought of another thing I want to get done, so I better do it while I'm thinking of it.

Later, but don't leave for so long this time!