Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hmmm, once a least I'm consistent.

Hello again,

I was looking at Lena's blog and saw the link to mine.

Owww pang of guilt hit.

So I thought, what they hey, I'll put a little post together.

So I bet you want to know about whats going on in our life. If you don't I don't know why your on our blogs...

So if you want to know whats going on look at Lena's blog! :)

Just kidding. This is papa's blog and I have add a different perspective on what is going on in our wonderful life.

First off, I'm not being sarcastic. Life is wonderful. I have the best wife for me and I have 3 wonderful children! Yes, my job doesn't pay squat but I am lucky to have a job, especially where we live. Yes, we are living in the upstairs of a barn but at least we have a roof over our heads and air conditioning and heating during the winter. Yes, school is never fun and takes so much time and money, but hey I am at school and hopefully bettering myself.

This semester its Micro Biology, Anatomy, statistics, and organizational theory. 14 credits. 32 hour a week job. 1 wife. 3 children. Life is wonderful but busy.

Our plans have changed about 45 times, wait....maybe it was 46 times since I last wrote. I will leave out all the past plans and tell you our most current ones. This year I finish my bachelors in Administration and all my pre-reqs to nursing. Then next year, with the hope a great government scholarship, we will attend a 14 month accelerated BSN program. That means, by the spring of 2013 I will have 2 bachelor degrees including the administration and the nursing degree! Ya, I can get a job that pays the bills and supports my family! Then maybe will go to Missouri where we might be able to afford a house!

Anyway. Thats that plans. Our little JJ Lee is teaching us that sleep is very precious and should not be wasted. So...hey look at the time....its BED TIME!

Take care and Love you all!

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