Thursday, June 11, 2009

The HCG diet.

Have you wondered where I've been? Well I'm afraid if you want update you just have to read our family blog or our new HCG blog.

Since starting the diet I haven't had my normal energy and therefore have wanted to go to bed earlier. Also, school has been crazy for my love so she needs a couple hours about everyday for it. That leaves me a couple hours during whole week to do mine.

I am getting more confortable with the diet. (if you ask me around 11am you may get a different answer) I am also happy with the weight that has been going down. I feel better about myself with less weight and feel healthier.

Chickens have also been crazy. Been trying to teach them to roost in the coop. So far it has been on the tree, on the fence, on the coop, on the door, and anywhere except the coop. I did realize tonight that many of them cannot fly the high yet. I need to build them a ladder of some type. Also I need to build another roost for them.

Well I am tired so good night and hope to see you soon!

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