Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My birthday and other happenings...

First of all, thank you who all voted on my rooster problem. And for those of you who haven't voted yet, get your tush in gear and vote! :) Just to let you know we have found out there is a good chance our Golden Laced Polish is a hen and not a rooster, but we shall see.

Life Happenings...

Last week was a blast. Hiking, dinosaur foot print hunting, site seeing, horse back riding...all in one week. Actually all that was in two days.

We got our next shipment of chicks last friday. We had ordered 3 more silkies, 3 black Marans, 1 Production Red and then Eriks chicks which was 25 white Leghorns. The company sent us 4 silkies, 1 bantam cochin, 4 Marans, 2 Production Reds, and 27 Leghorns. We gave Erik his Leghorns, but also a Maran and silkie. I wanted my brother to have a little variety in his chickens. It was sad one of our silkies ended up getting weak and passed away today.

Our other chicken problem was our golden laced polish got prolapsed. Basicly it means, stuff that is supposed to be inside started sticking out side. We worked with her for 4 days and yesterday she seemed better. We ended up having a appointment at best friends who said that would look at her today and they said everything was looking better. So today she was finally able to rejoin the flock. I'm glad I don't have to play chicken doctor anymore.

More life...HCG diet. We started shooting up yesterday. The first 3 days of this diet it great! Bacon, sausage, cheese, hot dogs, cake, candies and far so good...I think I can handle the diet...I guess we will see Friday evening how I am doing. :)

Birthday...My sweet wife wrote a nice tribute on her blog wishing me a happy birthday... thank you Honey.

Oh no...running out of typing steam....must fit in last thoughts....

School started....its ok.....Mark, Durin, Derrik, Nick, Victoria, and Victoria visiting... fun, especially for Jakob....Lawn doing great....Garden Growing good....Pretty birds....Pink elephants...fading...Fading...Fading

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