Saturday, May 9, 2009

Long Good Day...better then yesterday...

Wouldn't it be great if everyday was better then the last? I actually hope it is and strive to live that ideal, but it is not always so. Of course it helps if 1 day just really sucks, then you can live the ideal at least for 1 or 2 days... :)

Anyway, Friday wasn't so bad, it just wasn't great. We went to a doctors appointment for our baby. It went as well as expected, then did a little shopping, then went car shopping for several hours. It was very back and forth with our thought processes, then talking with salespeople, getting sisters help and suggestions...only to find out that car buying isn't a possibility for us right now. Rrrrrgh. Not just for us but it was a waste for many people who were trying to help us that day. Just feeling bad for them. So we did some more grocery shopping and came home.

Today was our work in the yard day. It was great and made me very tired. We mostly worked in the chicken run. Lena did great and did tons of organizing in our storage, did dishes, took care of the children, and still managed to help me out quite a bit. I worked on building a large fence between our chickens and the neighbors dogs. It was a lot of work, but it sure looks better and is going to be safer for our chickens. We even gave them a little field trip to their future run. Some were curious, others stayed in the coop. Chickens! Scared to come out... :)

We had a yummy dinner with my parents, did some nice quiet time, and now its time to sleep....

Nighty night.

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  1. Hi! Just found your link on Mormon Moms Blog. You have beautiful children!! Good luck on getting your blog started, I just started mine last month too :)