Friday, May 1, 2009

I know it been a little while...

Life has been cruising along pretty fast this last week or so. The only problem its been cruising so long and fast that I haven't had very many rest stops on the way. And when I've hit those few rest stops, all I want to do is rest! Imagine that. But this morning, I had to wake up early to try to get some boards for our chicken coup. That is done with so now I'm awake and nobody else is and I have time to finally blog again!

Some of the things that have kept me busy is school, work, and family activities.

With school, this last week I had to read a book and write a report on it. I did it my typical fashion by reading some of it before hand, then the day its due finishing reading it and then writing the report that night. I don't recommend this method, but that is what seems to happen more often then not. The funny story with this is that I had read about half of the book come Sat. night. So, I thought to myself I can finish reading Monday and write the report that night. It was due Monday. Sunday I don't work on school work, so I didn't. Monday comes and I get done some of the reading during the day and then I get a call from Lena. She called to remind me that we family home evening with the rest of my family and we were doing a barbaque. I thought, Ok, I can do this. I'll just read up to the BBQ and then write the report after words. Then Lena said, Oh ya, its at your bothers. Ohhhhhh....he lives an hour away. This isn't going to be as easy as I thought. So I finished the book during the day, wrote a quick page before going, then went to the BBQ. It was alot of fun, then got home and finished it. It worked out, or at least I think it worked out. I haven't got my grade yet from it.

Work just has been work. It's nearing the end of the school year and that makes the kids anxious for summer. Actually it does me too. Its going good, but it does take a good chunk out of the day and I need to do better with CCC.

Family activities are also very fun, but it seems we've had several lately. There was the BBQ at Eriks that was a lot of fun. They make wonderful food and great company. It was fun to see the barn they've built and prepared for their upcoming cow, pigs, and chickens. It was fun to see their chicks and kittens they have. Its too bad they live so far away and life is so busy we don't see much of each other sometimes.

Jakob had a very fun dance recital. You can read about it on Lena's blog. But Jakob did great. It was fun to watch him. He did still the show as the many people came up to us after words and told us .

We've now started having T-ball practice for Jakob. He'll do great once he learns the basics of where to run after hitting it and where to throw the ball.

I guess the chicks we have take up a far bit of time too. They are growing great. All happy and healthy. We did notice when I got home from work yesterday that it smelled like a farm when I stepped in the door. Mainly we just need to add some more pine shavings to their litter and that helped tons. But I'm hoping to have the coop finished enough to put them in it later this week. They will be fine and the house will smell better and I'll think I'll sleep better. Those little peeps sometimes keep me up at night. We did add one more chickens to our group. A Barred Rock which is a pretty chicken that lays large tinted brown eggs. I figure we are going to have 3 dozen eggs a week when they all start laying. It may change if we have more roosters then we thought though. Just to let you know which kinds we have I'll tell ya.

1 Patridge Polish
2 White crested Black Polish
1 Buff Polish
2 Wyandottes (Pretty chickens)
3 Americanas (Easter Egg laying chickens)
5 Patridge Cochins (feathers on their feet) (Possible Bantom or mini chickens)
2 Buff Opringtons
1 Black Astrolorp
1 Barred Rock
1 White Silkie (the lap dog of Chickens)
2 Red Stars (great brown egg layers)

I think thats it. Crazy heh?

Anyway, just to let you know. I've got a great wife. She is so patient with all my little errors and annoying habits. I love her so much and am so greatful for her. She is a great woman.

Well others will be waking up soon, so see ya later!

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  1. Thank you My Love! YOU are the Amazing one. But I do appriciate your expressions of love and support!! I love you too!