Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just listening to the Jazz Game...

Hey do you like basketball? I do. I follow the Jazz. They are getting whooped and will be whooped for the next two games then the season will be over. O'well. Guess I will have to start rooting for the Cavs.

My sweet wife is letting me have some me time. I have the head phones on and am blocking out a bit of life. Life isn't bad, it just helps me not have to run for every call of Jakob and I actually get to focus on the game. Enough about basketball.

I really excited about our chicks coming tomorrow morning. In fact, thats why I'm listening to the game so I'm not pacing the floor waiting for 9:30 tomorrow. :)

If you didn't know, I'm the type that can't wait for Christmas morning even now that I'm older. I get excited about something and I can't sleep and I focus on it alot. Maybe I've never grown up. I hope thats the case.

I found out that they are sending extra chicks with our order. That made me happy. I hope they are girls and something fun. If they are Leghorns, we will give them to Erik so he can have more, but if they are colored we'll take them. Then if we really don't like one or two we will either give it to Erik or someone else or have someone help us prepare and eat it.

Well half time is over so I talk to you later!

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